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What Is A Thai Massage?

Thai massage is often described as seeing your massage therapist, your acupuncturist, your chiropractor, with a yoga session included. A whole body Thai massage will incorporate all of these therapies to one degree or another. Where Swedish massage employs long, steady strokes, it is usually to encourage relaxation of the muscles. Thai massage uses the ‘sen’ or energy lines that run throughout the body.

By application of thumb, palm, and forearm or elbow pressure, these lines are stimulated promoting balance within the body. The same reflexology points that are used in acupuncture are stimulated by massaging the feet. Passive stretching is a fundamental practice incorporated into Thai massage.

These are often yoga-type stretches that increase joint mobility, increase circulation, and provide stretch to muscles that are tense and constricted.

Will It Hurt?

No, it shouldn’t hurt. It’s important that you communicate with your therapist and indicate if the pressure is too soft or too hard. Some of the stretches may be unfamiliar to your body, relax and allow the stretch to be performed, it usually only lasts about 5 seconds.

Are You Registered Massage Therapists?

No, most of the therapists have been trained in Thailand and the level of training is not usually recognized by insurance companies; however, more and more frequently, Thai massage is being recognized as a specialty within the massage profession, so you should check with your insurance company.

A Couple Of Sources For Potential Anxiety

Afraid that you will pass some gas. These are professional therapists and realize that these things can happen—not a big deal. Please don’t worry about it.

You are encouraged to use the washroom before your session starts, since some pressure may be applied low on your abdomen.

What should I wear?

For Traditional Thai Massage it is no oil so we provide loose and comfortable clothing for the session. Other services product apply for, women will be remove your clothes but keep bra underwear on and for men will be removing clothes and keep underwear on.

I was recently injured, is it safe to get a massage?

Generally speaking, you should wait 24–72 hours after an injury before getting a massage. This is to avoid any further injury. Beyond that, it is safe and beneficial to receive a massage after an injury to aid in recovery.

Running late?

Finding a new location can be unnerving, especially when traffic is heavy. Please allow yourself ample time to arrive at our spa without undue stress so that you can start your session in an easy state of mind and enjoy your full service time. If you know you will be late, please call us.

If we are able to reschedule you, we will; otherwise we will give you a pleasurable massage experience in the time that remains of your original appointment.

Where can I park

Essex street, Masterton is free parking all day.

Can I get a massage if I am pregnant?

Yes, provided your pregnancy is past the first trimester (i.e. you are at least 13 weeks’ pregnant). Our pregnancy massage avoids applying any pressure to your abdomen and instead focuses on your back and legs.

How should I prepare for my massage?

You don’t need to do anything special. We recommend you avoid having a large meal or alcohol within the 4 hours before your massage, to avoid any discomfort or embarrassing noises & odours. A light meal and a glass of wine or beer should be no problem.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who appears intoxicated. Also please come in with clean body.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 25% deposit to secure your booking and avoid late cancellation or no show. We require at least 6 hours notice of cancellation in order to get your deposit refund. Cancel in less than 6 hours your deposit will not be refunded.